Let’s introduce a new character to this holiday season!

Meet Ruby

Ruby is the daughter of Santa’s Top Reindeer, and she has big dreams like everyone else in the world. She may be a reindeer, but she has to learn a valuable life lesson as all girls do: always believe in yourself, and anything is possible.



How Ruby was created

Tracey Gene grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, which most people know is the creation of “The Christmas Story.” Tracey loves the holiday season but realized the fictional characters are male-dominated and there needed to be a female character for today’s generation. Her debut story not only introduces a new character to the holiday season, but it empowers girls and teaches them to believe in themselves that anything is possible at an early age.



Pic: Tracey Gene receives her first hardcover copy!


What others are saying about the book:

“ This story is super adorable and empowers girls. The illustrations are super cute and my nephews and nieces loved it!” — Linda

“Beautiful and simple story with a surprising twist at the end! All girls will love it!” — Bonnie

“Now every time we talk about Christmas with our kids, we talk about Ruby and Santa. Thanks for creating a female hero for young girls to look up to!” — Jaimie

“My three year old son loves Ruby and her bright red nose! He points at it all the time shouting it’s RUBY, Mommy! This story is not only for girls!” — AB

“I love this story! The message is so powerful and the author does a great job connecting to the little ones that read and follow along with her charming and sweet illustrations. If you’re looking for an encouraging book with a positive message for a young girl look no further!” — Elizabeth

Sneak Peak Inside:

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